Wallace invokes Gauff after advancing to Rd. of 12

Wallace says the boos just add "fuel to the fire" after advancing to the Round of 12

A "mentally exhausted" Bubba Wallace says the boos just add "fuel to the fire" after advancing to the Round of 12 in the Cup Series playoffs during a "career year," and thanks the fans that still believe.

“I think at this point Rick he’s run out of people involved in his life to hug and scream with. This is a good thing. You’ve made it to the next round, but you finished 14th and did it. Describe your night. It looked like that last run there was pretty tough.” – Dave Burns
“Yeah well counting us out. As Coco Gauff said, all they’re doing is adding fuel to the fire. I love it. I love where I’m at and this team. I wish my mom and dad and my sister were here to celebrate with me. I’m in a career year and just got to keep it going. I appreciate all the partners involved. Columbia has done great when they’re on a car; I hate it for them last week. But, I am mentally exhausted. I’m wore out. [We] gave it our all there, battled hard and executed and that’s what you got to do. So, we know next week is a reset, so we’ve got to go out, have some fun and work. But, thank you to the ones that believed in me, and keep it going on to the next week” – Bubba Wallace
“Yeah, wondering about that challenge, you had a little tussle with Kyle Larson there, a tussle with the wall at Bristol.” – Dave Burns
“Yeah, I’m running my own race, and I don’t know. I’m pretty sure he thought he could go catch the 11, that’s a tall task. But, what I had on the line I thought was more important, and what he had on the line he thought was more important. [It’s] Bristol, it’s racing, all good. We will go on to Texas and have some fun.” – Bubba Wallace
“Celebrate, but reset.” – Dave Burns“
That’s right.” – Bubba Wallace
“Thanks.” – Dave Burns